Nutrition Coaching Packages

Working with me: I specialize in healthy cooking and meal planning, eating for energy, and helping you sift through the latest nutrition headlines all while taking an intuitive eating, weight-neutral approach to wellness. Most of my sessions are phone/virtual-based for ultimate convenience. If you would prefer meeting in person, I can make that happen as well (please inquire for more information). To keep things as simple and straightforward as possible - I offer the following three no-nonsense packages:


one-month ($199)

This package is ideal if you want a kickstart and some basic nutrition education, but would prefer to work on your goals independently. 

Includes: 75-minute initial meeting + 30-minute follow-up + unlimited email support

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two-month ($299)

If you would benefit from additional guidance and support with your goals, specifically in the early stages of behavior change, this is the package for you. 

Includes: Same as the one-month package, with two additional 30-minute follow-up meetings.

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three-month ($399)

Three months of working together provides ample opportunity to foster the most successful working relationship and allows you to both establish new habits and dramatically change your relationship with food.

Includes: Same as the two-month option with two additional 30-minute follow-up meetings.