Cooking healthy and satisfying food does not have to be complicated or time-intensive.

I'm Leanne and I make nutrition and cooking practical for busy professionals, helping you get in the kitchen so you can live well and crush your goals (both personal and professional). Eating well should never be boring, and and I am a firm believer that learning some basic time-saving strategies and nutrition hacks can be a total game-changer for your health & wellness. → Read more about me


Simple plant-powered recipes, evidence-based nutrition science, cooking tips and hacks.

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 Healthy Buzz podcast with Leanne Ray and Jessica Graham

 Healthy Buzz

A weekly podcast by Leanne Ray & Jessica Graham.

Join us as we have unfiltered conversations about the latest trends in health and wellness + the personal stories that relate. Let’s just say we aren’t your average health and fitness professionals.

Our first in-person event is coming Spring 2019!