healthy cooking bootcamp with Denver registered dietitian Leanne Ray, MS, RDN

Are you ready to start cooking and eating really Good food?

The HCB was designed with busy folks, who want to start cooking more and eating out less, at the top of mind. It involves three lessons (plus a pre and post program consultation) that will take you from having very little confidence in the kitchen (and your current eating routine) to being a competent, healthy home cook in 30 days.

No Diet Food or Calorie Counting Involved.

In addition to the cooking skills learned, there is a nutrition education component woven into the material. Think of this as a cooking class and one-on-one time with a compassionate dietitian all rolled into one. I help clients cultivate a healthy relationship with food while also tuning in to what makes them live their best life. 

Here are the five parts of the program:

  • Video conference or phone call to discuss health-related goals, food preferences and any allergies/avoidances prior to first lesson (30 min).

  • Lesson 1: Prep Skills 101 (60 min). It's not very feasible to pick up a recipe and start cooking if you don't have the basics down. In lesson one you will learn how to wash, chop, peel and prep the essentials. Leanne will also go over important food safety tips and teach you how to properly store each food item. Leanne can come to your home and provide all necessary tools and ingredients. 
  • Lesson 2: Build a Balanced Meal (60 min). Once you have the prep skills down, we'll talk about how to build a meal and plan an entire week of meals and snacks so you aren't left totally overwhelmed, blindly searching the internet for recipe ideas. You will also have the opportunity to address all nutrition questions and Leanne will create a personalized nutrition action plan for you. During this session, you will also plan a menu for lesson 3. 
  • Lesson 3: Hands-on Cooking (60 min). Finally, lesson 3 will allow you to practice all skills learned up to this point as you make a delicious, nourishing three-course meal together. Leanne can come to your home and provide all necessary tools and ingredients. 
  • Follow-up call (30 min) + email summary including any recipes, techniques and tools that were used.

Investment: $550

Not local to Denver? No problem - I am happy to do a modified version of the bootcamp virtually. If you have questions, feel free to contact Leanne directly at Inquire about payment plan options.