recipe without a recipe

The Components of a Killer Breakfast Sandwich


I sort of have this thing about weekend breakfast. I love waking up, wandering upstairs, and taking the time to make something creative with some music on in the background. It's not even about the food as much as it is the ritual. 

After I pour myself an iced coffee (priorities), I start thinking about what sounds good. Usually it's eggs of some sort, though lately I've been going through a pancake phase

A few weekends ago we had all of the components to make the best breakfast sandwich of all time (could I be any more dramatic?). Really though, I just love it when that happens without any pre-planning whatsoever. Here's how I made it, a "recipe without a recipe". 


First and foremost, you need bread. Without bread, this would be some sort of sad, breakfast salad and I know that's trendy and all but that's not what we're doing here. I like English muffins for this purpose because they are the perfect size and shape without being too bulky. Plus those nooks and crannies hold in flavor and a yolky egg really well. The people on the commercials were right about those nooks and crannies after all.

Hopefully, you have cream cheese on hand to spread on the both halves, but butter works fine in a pinch. You need something to add moisture and creaminess. No dry English muffins. I keep plain cream cheese on hand for this purpose (and for pizza, but that's another post). 


Then you should add some greens. This might sound crazy, but I love sautéed garlicky kale on an egg sandwich because it adds the best texture, peppery and pungent flavor and beautiful color. Just wash, de-stem and chop the kale. Then add it to a lightly oiled skillet with seasonings of choice like fresh garlic (salt and pepper are a must). Spinach would work here too, just make sure to give it a quick sauté first. Use whatever you have left in your fridge that needs to be eaten yesterday. 

Of course you need an avocado. Whenever there's eggs involved, always avocado. Season that too!


Make your egg last, because this is the star ingredient and you want to make sure it's perfectly cooked. I love a slightly running/jammy egg with a crispy white, but whatever suits you will work just fine. I have found that a cast iron or stainless steel skillet makes the best fried eggs (but you need to be more liberal with the fat). Nonstick skillets make it hard to get anything brown and crispy. When you're going for that, use something else. 

Add some hot sauce for an extra kick - Cholulu is great for eggs.

Finally,  layer everything in this order: muffin bottom, egg, avocado slices, kale, sauce, muffin top. 


Serve with your choice of fresh fruit and enjoy! You'll need some napkins for this one. 

What's the best breakfast you've ever cooked?