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A Day in the Life of a Worksite Wellness Dietitian

leanne ray denver registered dietitian 

A few people have asked me what a typical day at my job looks like so I thought this might be a fun way to answer that. I love reading these posts on other blogs and getting an inside look into the day of someone else, so hopefully you will find a couple of tidbits here helpful too! I coordinate an employee wellness program which can be a really cool and often not discussed career option for dietitians who want to work in a prevention setting. Read on to learn about a few things I'm working on.

5:45 am – my first alarm goes off

6:07 am – actually wake up. My morning routine could definitely use some refining right about now. Maybe this will be something I work on in the upcoming weeks... Anyone up for a challenge? 

6:45 am – leave the house and drop J off at the light rail. Random fact: we actually only have one car and have for the last three months (without going totally crazy). 

7:10 am – stop at Starbucks for an oatmeal since I forgot to pack breakfast (of course I remembered my iced coffee though, would never leave that behind!).

starbucks and coffee.JPG

7:20 am – sit down at my computer to start the work day. I usually spend the first half hour or so on emails, reading nutrition/wellness related articles, and laughing out loud at theSkimm (if you sign up using this link, you are helping me get one step closer to becoming an Skimmbassador btw). On this particular day I also proofread, format and schedule a post for our employee wellness blog. 

9:00 am – meeting with supervisor. We try to do walking meetings when possible and the weather was perfect for it today. Pro tip: the conversation flows easier during a walk and it's also a great way to get creative juices flowing during a brainstorming session!  

10:00 am – discussion with dietetic interns to go over our agency healthy meeting policy and talk about how it was developed and implemented. Our wellness team worked together with other key staff to pass this a couple of years ago and it’s been great for fostering a supportive culture. 

10:45 am – work on an outline and search for images for an ignite presentation focusing on Health at Every Size and weight inclusivity. Have you ever heard of an ignite presentation? It's a 5-minute 20-slide deck that advances automatically after 15 seconds so it's exciting and to-the-point. I am planning on giving this talk at an upcoming all-staff meeting which would be super awesome because so many people would be introduced to the topic!

12:00 pm – another short meeting

12:30 pm – walk time. I walk almost every day around noon (unless the weather is bad) and it’s my favorite part of the work day. I love the sunshine, movement and listening to a podcast. Today it was How I Built This featuring Sadie Lincoln of Barre3 - a great listen for all of you health and wellness pros. Afterwards I searched for the nearest Barre3 studio because now I want to try it (what can I say, I'm an easy target). 

1:15 pm – eat lunch + do some work on an upcoming holiday-themed challenge. I know, eating lunch at my desk is not very “worksite wellness” of me, but I usually choose walking and leaving earlier as priorities for my mental health. Anyways, the goal of the challenge is to maintain healthy habits such as self-care, gratitude and physical activity through the busy holiday season and I am so excited to roll it out soon!

3:00 pm – afternoon walk break with a co-worker. By this point in the day, I am craving fresh air. Even ten minutes does wonders for my brain...

3:10 pm – create an outline for a video I’ll be shooting with a colleague next week. We are starting to get into some Buzzfeed-style recipe videos and it’s been really fun to learn how to use a camera and editing software. After a few of them, I've found that taking time before-hand to think about what shots and angles you want to capture can help a lot during the actual filming part. I also make a grocery and supply list to make sure we have everything we need when we get started. 

4:45 pm – take off for the day. I’m really lucky that I have the option to work a flex schedule which means I work longer days Monday-Thursday and then take every other Friday off. When I was still in grad school it was so great to have that extra day for homework, and now that I'm done with school I can use it to work on the blog and some other creative projects - which is awesome.

So that's it! I would love to hear about how you incorporate wellness into your work day so feel free to share away in the comments. Also, I have an EXCITING announcement on Monday so I hope you'll check back because I can't wait to tell you more! 

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