31 Things You Might Not Know About Me

The other day I had a realization that I rarely share photos of myself and friends/family on the blog and I want to start doing more of that. After all, the overarching goal of this blog is to make nutrition and cooking fun and relatable, which means connecting it all back to real people! I can assure you that all of the content I create is based on my real life experiences so hopefully that's obvious when you read it, and it helps make things a little bit more realistic and personal. Speaking of personal... 

Today is my 31st birthday!

To celebrate, I thought I would mix things up and share a few things you may or may not know about me. Cheers to another year of living well and crushing goals one day at a time.


1. I'm probably the most unobservant person you'll ever meet. I know this is a weird one to start with, but trust me, it's true. 

2. I'm an aspiring minimalist and really don't buy that much "stuff" (clothing, beauty products, really anything). I seriously dislike clutter, and have also shifted to spending most of my fun money on experiences rather than things in the last several years. 

3. I'm a huge advocate for brunch. Reason being: it's two meals in one, and there's cocktails. 

4. When I was 22, I moved from Michigan to Colorado with my best friend because we wanted an adventure. Then I never left! I came for school, but stayed for my dietetic internship and hubby. 

5. I drink iced coffee all year around. And I think Starbucks makes the best cold brew (no shame). Splash of half and half, no sweetener. 

6. I LOVE going to the movies. Like more than the average person. 

7. I'm a salty over sweet person (times a million). My favorite "dessert" is red and served in a glass. 

8. My favorite season is Fall (predictable) but not for the typical reasons. I love football and everything that comes with it like tailgating, watching games with friends, casual Sundays making chili with the windows open. The weather is awesome too of course! You will never see me order a pumpkin spice latte. 

9. On a similar note, I'm a huge Denver Broncos fan and never miss a game.

10. I can play both the piano and the saxophone - neither very well at this point, although I really want to take piano lessons again someday in my adult life.

11. My favorite restaurant is Sea Salt Eatery in Minneapolis. 

12. I love to travel but I don't do it as much as I would like. Next on my bucket list is NYC so I can pretend to be a bit city person for a few days. 

13. I'm a news buff and I read many, many articles and news stories online every day. 

14. When I cook, I usually start with a recipe, but rarely follow it. I make subs based on what I have on hand or what I feel makes the most sense. 

15. I have the opposite of a green thumb, but I'm going to attempt to start a garden next summer (and I would gladly welcome all advice). 

16. I am podcast obsessed and listen to them every day. My favorites are Bon Appetit, Smart Passive Income, Being Boss and How I Built This. 

17. I love reading, but only non-fiction. I made this realization a few years ago and ever since, I've read A LOT more books. 

18. This one might be controversial, but I really just don't like cake you guys. I'll have a piece here and there to be polite at birthday parties, but I didn't even have a cake at my wedding (we had an ice cream cart instead and it was the best!). 

19. My exercise of choice is walking, but I consider myself a runner too. I usually try to run at least one race every year and last year that race was the Smith Rock Ascent 15-Miler in Oregon (it was awesome!).

20. I would say I eat more peanut butter than would be considered normal. And my friends would probably agree with me on that. 

21. I have six nieces/nephews with a seventh on the way. Even though I don't get to see them very much, I absolutely love being an auntie. 

22. My husband and I met in college and then kept up a long-distance relationship for two years while he was in grad school in western Kentucky. 

23. My most-recently adopted hobby is golf. I thought I would NEVER be interested in it but now I love it and want to get better, but man it's hard!

24. When I was 21, my cousin called me one night and asked if I wanted to go to India. I went. And it was amazing, and the first time I ever traveled internationally.

25. I've seen Justin Timberlake in concert three times. 

26. My friends and I met Brad Garrett in Las Vegas (Robert from Everybody Loves Raymond) at Bobby Flay's restaurant. He was so friendly and down-to-earth! And tall.

27. I once rode a train for 32 hours from Chicago all the way down to Texas. It was for my senior class trip with eight other people and it was such an adventure.

28. I love waking up super early before work just to enjoy a cup of coffee and hang out in silence, but I have the hardest time getting out of bed the first time my alarm goes off. I'm like a 3x snoozer on most days.

29. The best vacation I ever took was my honeymoon to San Diego. We kayaked around La Jolla, rode beach cruisers on the boardwalk, explored Coronado Island and ate a lot of fish tacos. California rocks. 

30. I cry a lot, but not because I'm sad. I tear up when I'm listening to music, thinking about favorite memories or more recently, watching Parenthood on Netflix (has anyone else watched this show and did you cry EVERY SINGLE EPISODE?). 

31. I started blogging in 2008 but I've had three different sites and blog names since then with long breaks in between each stint. What can I say, I've always been drawn to writing. I can definitely say that this one is the highest quality of all of them and I hope to still be holding it down here for a long time.

Thank you for reading and for your continued support!