6 Current Food Favorites that You Should Try ASAP


citrus of all types // It seems like this is prime time for all of the best citrus - the flavor is just amazing! I've been buying Cara Cara oranges, Sumo mandarins, ruby red grapefruit, blood oranges, and of course cuties (because they are so easy to grab and peel and make for the best mid-afternoon snack). If peeling citrus is a barrier for you to eating it, I would recommend slicing with a knife versus peeling if you have the option. I personally hate getting all of that white pith under my finger nails and being left with sticky hands so this method works a lot better. 

kale caesar kits // This a new find at Whole Foods that makes the perfect quick dinner side dish. I'll preface this by saying that I'm kind of caesar salad obsessed. I always order one when I go to an Italian or pizza restaurant and have attempted to make my own dressing at home, although it's not easy! To me, a kale caesar is like the perfect happy medium between nutritious and satisfying. This kit makes it super simple to make at home. Top it with some protein for a quick lunch!

fresh ginger in smoothies // I made this green smoothie a couple of times when I was fighting a nasty cold a couple of weeks ago. It has fresh ginger which gives it such a wonderful bite! I already buy ginger for dinner recipes often so now I try to buy extra so I can add it to at least one smoothie throughout the week too. I've tried it in different combinations since and it always adds so much depth. I would highly recommend! 

pumpkin Kodiak Cakes // I just recently got set-up with Kodiak Cakes to be a brand ambassador since I love their products so much (shocking right?). They sent me a fun welcome package including a pumpkin pancake mix that I hadn't ever tried. It is so delicious! I'm not sure you can find it in stores all year around or if it's seasonal, but if you can get your hands on some, definitely go for it. I'm thinking about developing some recipes with it so hopefully more to come on this!

savory oats // Lately I've been all about savory oats in the morning. I cook the oats with milk like usual, but then instead of topping it with fruit and nut butter I use avocado, TJ's Everything But the Bagel seasoning, Sriracha and nutritional yeast. I also love topping it with a runny fried egg, shredded cheese, and sautéed greens & mushrooms. This a great way to mix up your normal breakfast routine!

Health-Ade kombucha // I love kombucha for an alternative to alcohol when I want something fun to sip and I recently read an article that recommended this brand. It's pricey, so I put it off for awhile but when I saw it on sale I picked some up. The flavor is unreal! I tried the Lemon Ginger and it's super spicy with just a hint of sweetness. I just picked up a Pomegranate one to try next, but they also have other fun flavors like Pink Lady Apple and a Cayenne one. 

Lately posts are a round-up of food finds that I'm currently loving! What is something you've recently discovered and would recommend?