Weekend in Food + Lifestyle

This weekend was exactly what I needed to get back into my routine after the holiday. We did so many festive things that it is actually starting to feel like December. This morning I'm sharing a sort of weekend wrap-up and while I don't generally write posts like this,  my goal is always to share how food and cooking can fit into a normal lifestyle so I thought more of these might be fun and/or helpful. Thoughts? 

Friday was a flex day for me so I was home working away on blog stuff. I started my day with toast two ways: this avocado one, plus a PB/J/hemp seed combo. This was good but right after I took the first bite I wished I had used Sriracha instead of the balsamic. Next time!


I made it to a yoga class around noon and it was EVERYTHING. I've been using Class Pass (affiliate link) to hop around to some new and different fitness classes and I recently found Kindness Yoga which I love. It's so welcoming and the instructors give the perfect cues. I've also discovered that I prefer the normal temperature yoga classes to the uber sweaty ones that I used to love. Isn't it funny how we go through different phases? All of this to say, don't give up on yoga if you tried it and didn't love it. The key is finding your style and finding an instructor/studio that you really enjoy. 

Friday night J and I made sheet tray nachos for dinner and met up with some friends to check out a Winterfest event on South Pearl St. (one of the neighborhoods that we like to frequent). There were carolers, horse & carriage rides, and all sorts of booths set up (almost like a nighttime farmer's market). We were all a little underwhelmed by the festivities, but still had fun visiting and grabbing drinks at nearby Izakaya Den which is beautiful if you haven't been.

Saturday was dedicated to searching for Christmas decorations. We moved into our house late this summer and filling in the gaps with decor has been the longest process for us. It was fun to browse some stores specifically for holiday stuff and we ended up getting some really fun things. We bought one of those cute lit-up birch trees, a few sets of string lights for displaying holiday cards, some white votive candle holders and a little bronze reindeer... oh and we found a beautiful rug for our dining room which I am SO excited about (#adulting?). We also bought this wreath for our front door which I'm loving. Side note: we got rid of that pumpkin too.


On our way home we did our weekly grocery shop and our 24 Days of Togetherness challenge was to find a new dinner recipe and cook together. We saw this sign and knew immediately this had to be the one. I love the flavors and am intrigued by the sweet potato "bun". We actually didn't end up making it that night because by the time we finished decorating it was late and we didn't want to get the grill out in the dark. We did buy the ingredients though and will be making it sometime this week. We finished Saturday watching Christmas Vacation (one of my favorites). 


Sunday started early and I made this spinach and egg scramble for breakfast. Then we had plans to visit family and watch the Broncos game (still watching them even though it's a bit depressing) so we were gone most of the day doing that. Then we came home to get things ready for the week and had a slow and restful Sunday evening!


What are your favorite holiday decorations that you own and what is your must-watch Christmas movie?